A Renaissance Art Case Hack

As many of you have noticed from the chatter in our forums, Arthur and the crew at Renaissance Art have been busy. Last week they introduced a few new products to their line. A few of these products included introducing a whole new series of cases for the Moleskine Reporter notebook. These cases give landscape journal lovers the ability to indulge in Renaissance Art’s line-up of quality, hand made and rugged looking cases. Arthur was kind enough to send me a prototype of one of the new cases. When I received it, I was impressed with the quality and the changes that were made. And then, the hack idea came to me…

In order to make this hack work, you’ll need to get a Moleskine Reporter Cover Book Style (with either the side pocket or the 3×5 card holder) and a Circa PDA. The Circa PDA, just so happens to be big enough for you to slip your Circa PDA into the right side and still have enough room for cards on the left. It closes without a hitch. You can order one with a pen loop which gives you more flexibility in carrying your note-taking system around with you.

This hack was tested with the Reporter Cover Book Style that comes with a side pocket and iScribe’s Circa PDA. My first thought was that a leather covered Circa PDA was going to be too big for the notebook, but as you can see in the images, it’ll work just fine. Thanks goes to iScribe for testing out my hack and taking the picture for today’s post.

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