Did someone mention Jott.com?

My new goal in life is to S.I.M.P.L.I.F.Y! I have too much stuff in a pretty small house and cannot find anything when I need it. I figure that anything I can do to help simplify my life may also benefit you – my D*I*Y friends. So, my stories and posts are hopefully going to be filled with simple yet effective tools for you to use in your everyday life (if you so choose!).

I figured since someone had mentioned Jott.com in my last post, I would begin here.

Jott.com… A FREE service that converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments. Their Tag Line: “Get Simple Back.” Love it!

How does it work? First you go to the site and sign up for a free account. It will walk you through the steps of adding the people you want on your jott list. For example, I have the following set up: “me” = my work email address, “home” = my home email address and “Bob” = my boss.

How do you “Jott”? Here is an example that I did on Saturday afternoon when sitting outside in my gazebo (the thought popped into my head and all I had by my side was my phone):

You: Call 866-JOTT-123
Jott: Who do you want to Jott?
You: Me
Jott: Beep!
You: Type up meeting minutes from Thursday.
Jott: Got it.
Jott: Do you want a reminder?
You: Yes
Jott: For what day?
You: Monday
Jott: For what time?
You: 9
Jott: AM or PM?
You: AM
Jott: Setting reminder for Monday, July 14, 2008 at 9 o’clock AM. Is this correct?
You: Yes.
You: Hang up.

Jott will send you an email with your transcribed message (or an email to whoever you advised). If Jott did not understand you very well, you can also listen to your Jott online. For this example, I also set up a reminder. This morning (Monday, July 14th) at 8:50 am, I received a text message on my phone and another email reminding me of my Jott.

You can also set up “Jott Links”. Several companies have created links to their web services using Jott. If you already have an account to any of the web sites listed below, you can add these Jott Links to your Jott account.

43actions, Google Calendar, 30 boxes, Yahoo Groups, Twitter, Remember the Milk, Vitalist, Xpenser and many more!

Here is an example of sending a Jott to your Google Calendar:
You: Call 866-JOTT-123
Jott: Who do you want to Jott?
You: Google Calendar
Jott: Google Calendar, is this correct?
You: Yes
Jott: Beep!
You: Meet Andy for lunch tomorrow at noon.
Jott: Got it.
You: Hang up.

Jott transcribes your message and sends it to your Google Calendar. Your message will be added to your calendar using Google’s quick add feature.

This is a fun, innovative, simple and did I mention a FREE service? So, head over to Jott.com and check it out!

Think Simple,
nay nay

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