How to Set up a Domain in Blogger

1. First login to your blog account then click on the setting button then + Set up a third-party URL for your blog click here

Then enter the domain you purchased. You must enter in this way, that is, www. To write. Then if you save it will come like the picture below

2. Then login to Putul Host’s Domain Panel, go to MY DOMAIN and click on My Domain Panel then your domain list will come up then click on Active button, click on it then click on DNS Management

3. Now go to Blogger’s Settings, take a good look at the picture here, it says to add CNAME record here,

Now I will add CNAME record, first I don’t copy www then I put it in DNS Management like the picture below, I put www in Host Name, of course select CNAME (Alias) in Record Type, then I put in Address box. Click on the Save Change button, then another cell will appear, you have to do the second cell in the same system, do not copy and paste this text ssqeshhbx4ep in the Host Name, put the text in your blog. Be sure to select CNAME (Alias) in the Record Type, put the text of your blog in the Address field, then Save Change.
4. Now we have to see how to set the A record, the IPs given in the list have to be placed exactly like the picture below, in the Host Name cell it has to be placed in all, then record type A has to be selected then IP has to be set as the picture below, after setting the first Click on the Save Change button, then another new cell will come, if you do not click on the Save Change button, the new cell will not come, 4 IP 4 times will have to be set.

Added A record

5. Now the important thing is to change the nameserver, we can not keep the nameserver that is given.

Use Custom Nameservers to give these 4 Nameservers will be like the picture below

Here are a total of 4 types of nameservers. Open a live chat or ticket to find out which one you will use.

Nameserver type 1.

Name Server1  :
Name Server2  :
Name Server3  :
Name Server4 :

Nameserver type 2.

Name Server1  :   NS1.DNSOWL.COM
Name Server2  :   NS2.DNSOWL.COM
Name Server3  :   NS3.DNSOWL.COM
Name Server4  :   NS4.DNSOWL.COM

Nameserver type 3.

Name Server1  :
Name Server2  :
Name Server3  :
Name Server4  :

. Now you have to wait for 12-24 hours for DNS to be set up, then you go to Blogger and click on Save button to save.

Step 1: Buy a domain

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