Review: Renaissance Art’s Moleskine and Index Card Cover

Leather products these days are a sign of upper class and longevity. Who doesn’t like the fresh smell of leather and its cool, slick feel? I know that when I want to show off my elegant and classier sides with my productivity toys (whether at work or at home) I turn to leather to give my journals a facelift. Enter Renaissance Art. This small company, based in New Mexico, builds hand-made leather products. They produce a wide variety of handmade journals, bags and cases.

Recently, Renaissance Art added a few new products to their line. Products that a lot of us on D*I*Y Planner have been drooling about. I’m here to tell you about my experience with just one of these new products, the Moleskine Cover with Single 3×5 Card Case for a pocket-sized Moleskine. Bottom line, I think this little product is worth adding a touch of protection, class and usability to your Moleskine.

I purchased a two-tone Moleskine Cover with Single 3×5 card case from Renaissance Art a few months ago. This little gem is the perfect cover and companion to any small pocket-sized journal. It’s made of rugged leather so has that worn in and well loved look. This little case combines my two passions into one location: index cards and journalling. Opening the case exposes a slide in area for index cards on the left side and easy access to journal on the right.

It comes in three different colors: brown, black, and a two-tone brown/black combination. Renaissance Art even gives you three choices for your pen loop (small, medium and large). In comparison with Levenger’s leather Renaissance Art’s leather feels like it’s been around the globe and well traveled; while Levenger’s feels smooth as if it stayed put in one place, like a coffee shop or a table, and listened attentively as your companion all day long. The price is also right, at $50.00 to start (the price does quickly add up as you select various options like monogramming, starter Moleskine, and a gift pouch.) But is this little case worth the price? I think so.

The pouch holds at least 10 index cards (and you can even use Circa index cards). Sliding cards into the case is easy: first you place the small set of cards into the bottom holder, then you bridge them as if they were a slim pack of playing cards and slide them up through the top strap. This holds them snugly so they don’t slip out.

Immediately upon purchasing the Cover from the online store, my mind flooded with ideas and uses. Barring the traditional uses for a Moleskine (like journals or planners), here’s what I came up with for various types of people and how they could use this case:

  • Programmers: Use the index card pocket to keep track of current stories in your Agile development project. Use the Moleskine to keep track of meeting notes, extended story and feature requests, and comments from potential users.
  • Writers: Use the index card pocket to keep track of your stories, characters or settings. Use the Moleskine side to plot out the actual story.
  • Students: Use the index card pocket to keep track of essay ideas or cram notes for tests. Use the Moleskine side to take class notes, write essays or compile study questions to use before your tests.
  • Artists: Use the index card pocket to keep a paper-style watercolor palette of colors. Use the Moleskine side when you travel to capture sketches and scenes from your journeys in a watercolor Moleskine notebook. Replace the pen in your pen holder with a water brush for quick and anytime painting.
  • Tarot enthusiasts: Use the index card pocket to slide a daily personal card or card to meditate on. Use the Moleskine to capture thoughts and meditations on the card as the day progresses, or various spreads done to clarify goals.

Having had a few months to play and use this wonderful product, I’m very happy. Just looking at it makes me smile. Ordering was a breeze and the product came very quickly. The craftsmanship was also high and excellent quality and I know that the case protects anything inside of it throughout any weather. I’ve gone camping with this case and its taken quite some abuse having sat in the bottom of my various travel bags.


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